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” Microsoft® Outlook by itself does allow for sharing calendar folders without Microsoft's Exchange Server.If you work in a small or medium-sized organization, the cost and complexity required to implement Microsoft Exchange Server is likely to be prohibitive.2693040 Error message when a Skype for Business Online user tries to add a contact group in Lync: "Cannot add contact group.Apple i Cal is a very neat calendaring application. I have run a little investigation on how to resolve the problem, and I'd like to share my finding with you. Send me a cheque for the idea if it works out well. Check out what Google suggests in the right pane, they may have found a better solution elsewhere. PS: I just have found that Boeing claim they have implemented an Exchange connector for Cal DAV.

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Office Calendar makes Outlook calendar sharing and Outlook group calendar scheduling easy.Below we have an up to date comprehensive list of these 3rd party applications (Outlook addins), which are broken down into the two categories: Simple Alternative to Exchange Server for sharing Outlook calendar information and Full Exchange Server Replacements.We break these down into two different categories because Exchange Server is much more than just an application that allows you share Microsoft Outlook calendar, contact and task information; it’s primarily a mail server.This document covers a broad range of solutions for sharing Outlook calendar and contact folders with or without Exchange Server.

Contents As was mentioned in the opening paragraph, there are several 3rd party applications that allow you share Outlook calendar folders without Microsoft Exchange Server.

Though, it is not compatible with Microsoft Exchange server our University uses. If you run Entourage (which is written in the ancient language of Power PC) on you shiny new Intel Mac, you use a translator with a Rosetta Stone (go and find what it is in Wikipedia, it is interesting). Make it cheap, like -, and you will sell a ton of copies. Please, share your experiences and ideas in the comments.

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