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28-Feb-2020 02:07

Maybe you find a configuration error when logged on a staging environment where you do not have access to Visual Studio.Then you can just browse to the file in source control and change it using the button: After making the changes, you can add a meaning commit message and commit the change back to TFS.

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It is by no means exhaustive, and it is a mixture of smaller and larger features, but hopefully you will find something here that you didn’t know about before.Associating work items to your changesets in TFS have always been one of the more powerful features.

The interface used is nice and modern, perhaps a lesson from Craigslist which had an 80’s look to it which despite being simple to use, seemed too old sometimes.… continue reading »

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(More advice on how to cut your bill without fully cutting the cord can be found in .) Fill in this blank: “I’m most interested in watching _____.” Prestige TV - Recent Hit Movies - Arty Movies - British TV - Sports - Reality TV -Classic TV - Classic Movies - News and Politics - Family Entertainment Made your pick?… continue reading »

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