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23-Oct-2019 22:23

There are numerous issues with an individual seeking sex reassignment surgery or hormone therapy as a treatment for gender dysphoria.

First, in the studies that do exist on this matter, it is increasingly shown that individuals struggling with gender dysphoria are not helped by sex reassignment surgery or hormonal therapy.

Actually, Jesus does speak about gender and sex in Matthew 19.

He is asked a difficult question about divorce, something that was very sexist and not good in his time, but also very well accepted.

Since sex-reassignment therapy only physically changes a person’s appearance but not their spiritual or genetic reality, that person can and should be welcomed back into full communion with the Church so long as he or she discontinues hormonal therapy, lives a life in accordance with his or her birth sex/gender, and receives the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

The Church does this by calling us out of sin and into new life in Christ.Throughout these questions, natural law is very important.The Church cannot rewrite what God has written, but we can seek to understand it and help people work through it because our world also isn’t perfect.Those who struggle with gender confusion carry a particularly challenging cross that the world would rather ignore.

The Church, out of love, calls these people, as she calls all people, to live according to God’s design for them, that they might know the fullness of life they were created for (for more on what the Church wants the transgender community to know, check out this blog).Our bodies, in their biological sex, reflect this reality.