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27-Feb-2020 22:10

Cruel: marked by uncompromising difficulty that disregards the worker’s welfare 14. Exacting: requiring meticulous attention to detail, or requiring relentless effort 20.Daunting: inspiring a feeling of great difficulty 15. Exhausting: difficult in terms of physical or mental exertion 21. Inhuman: so difficult as to seem beyond human capability 31.Problematic/problematical: difficulty in solving a problem 49.Punishing: difficulty heedless of consequences of physical or mental strain 50. Abstract: disassociation from a practical reference that would aid in comprehension 2. Challenging: requiring special effort; may have a positive or a negative sense depending on context 10.

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Here are some reasons why understanding these concepts is important.In textbooks, you may find the formal definition of terms listed at the beginning, at the end of a chapter, or in the glossary, which is a mini-dictionary of terms relevant to that text.