Normal people dating down syndrome bronx dating sites

11-Oct-2020 04:19

I had a Down syndrome girl hit on me once many years ago. It very much depends on the individual, and your judgement.

If both individuals are happy, and understanding of the situation, then it doesn't need to be a 'barrier'.

i'm sorry its just my opinion but everyone is equal and deserves the chance to date who they want right?

i see it a bit like saying "fred can't date her because she's asian that's not allowed their kids might be half asian".

She is still a person with feelings exactly it's all about ' Mental Capacity' in it's legal defintion , if someone with downs ( or any other health issue ) has sufficient understanding and mental capacity then there is no legal or moral impediment ...

i think what op is getting at, is whether or not it is exploitative or taking advantage of the girl who may not have the same level of maturity to consent to this.

She is still a person with feelings i personally think whats wrong is questioning the fact whether a girl - who cannot help having down syndrome - should not be allowed to date 'normal' guys who are considered good looking.

she's a human being and therefore has liberty to do what she wants, likewise with the guy.

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dating a bipolar guy

It very much depends on the individual, and your judgement.

whilst I am sure it would put other guys off, it is really none of their business.

I am not attracted to guys but if two guys want to get it on with each other what do I care?

I think it depends entirely on the individual's abilities, what they can and can't do and can and can't understand.

Other than that, sounds quite sweet to me And unless you're taking advantage of someone, I can't see how it would be morally wrong or illegal.i really kinda hope that this question is a joke because i myself feel sorry for those with down syndrome because they didn't choose to have it?

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