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13-Mar-2020 00:47

In Ghana for instance, a local not-for-profit startup, Bitland, is using blockchain to manage land titles and settle land disputes.Bitland is working closely with local institutions to solve issues that have been outstanding for decades.While in India, where 70 percent of district civil disputes are land related, UNDP is partnering to build a land registry using blockchain.The government think tank, NITI Aayog, is preparing a strategy for the use of blockchain technology in areas such as land records and electronic health records.

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By the time the list went online, most on the list were not billionaires anymore.

Refugees, for example, tend to have lost not just their homes but also often their paperwork, including identification.

Through blockchain, their identity, once established, can no longer be lost.

Instead, Bitcoin transactions are documented in a public ledger – or blockchain – that is distributed in many places.

This is important because in this set up, the work of facilitating transactions and validating identity are no longer the exclusive domain of governments or financial institutions.Granted, this is a problem not unique to blockchain, but it does mean that a big development windfall seems unrealistic.