Nipple sucking dating

15-Sep-2020 17:36

Concentrate on your own breathing and try to simulate the breathing of a genital orgasm. Try to bring that feeling from your nipple down below. The crashing will feel different from genital stimulation.

Think of your nipple as if it were your clitoris or penis. And the brain reacts to nipple and clitoral stimulation in the same way. You might feel more of an internal orgasm (contracting, flexing, and releasing of the entire region below).

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Listen to the sexy sounds coming out of you and your partner.

The exact feeling is hard to pin down: it's like floating, like fire, like flying, like high vibrations, like trees swaying in the breeze, like the perfect temperature of water, like the best bubble bath. Now, some partners are into certain kinks and fetishes, and we've all run into our fair share. And it's probably best to experience your first nipple orgasm with someone who's into breasts and nipples.