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08-Apr-2020 02:36

If your settings are correct so that your feeds should be updating in a timely manner, you may have an Internet connection problem, or Facebook itself could be having an electronic hiccup.Websites are not immune to the occasional operational issue, and sometimes some behind-the-scenes issue could affect the proper behavior of the site.If you’re not seeing go to their page and leave likes and comments on a few recent posts. But you can easily change this priority to “Most Recent.” On desktop, just go to the home page (newsfeed) and click the 3 dots to the right of the words News Feed, then choose “Most Recent.” Choose whose posts you want to see first – from Facebook friends and “liked” Pages.You can click on the “ALL” button if you only want to prioritize friends or Pages.To add a Page you admin, group or game to your shortcuts list from desktop: Hover over Shortcuts in your left side menu and click Edit.Search for or select a Page you admin, group or game you’d like to pin to the top of your shortcuts.News Feed is the constantly updating list of stories in the middle of your home page.News Feed includes status updates, photos, videos, links, app activity and likes from people, Pages and groups that you follow on Facebook.

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If there’s a friend or Page whose posts you want in your newsfeed, step one is to interact with the posts that you do see. Even worse, the more comments and likes they continue to get, the more likely you’ll see the at the top of your Facebook news feed.

If this is set to Only Me, no one on your friends' list will see your updates.

Change this to make sure everyone can see what you have to say.

Your selections aren’t ranked For example, your first selection isn’t seen first, your second selection isn’t seen second.

If you wish, you can use the next section to re-follow any accounts you previously unfollowed.Posts that you see first are influenced by your connections and activity on Facebook.

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