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29-Sep-2019 09:20

(See our analysis of the Massachusetts "trans rights" bill introduced that year. In early January, the Massachusetts House of Representatives (to be followed soon by the Senate) will be voting on a similarly outrageous “transgender public-accommodations” bill. They know it will open the door to what is happening now in New York City.

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And no one (that we know of) fought back when they needed to.

Any conversation about a person's non-conformity to gender norms is also prohibited. The Commission’s manual is very emphatic about this: “Holding individuals to different grooming or uniform standards based on gender serves no legitimate non-discriminatory purpose and reinforces a culture of sex stereotypes and accepted cultural norms based on gender expression and identity.” Transgender-inclusive health insurance.

All employers must cover medical procedures for "transitioning" to the opposite sex and include other special “transgender” health care.

Employers must also give advance termination notice if they terminate 500 or more employees.

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According to the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, employers must give their affected employees at least 60 days of written notice before terminating them.

The manual elaborates: To be non-discriminatory with respect to gender, health benefit plans must cover transgender care, also known as transition-related care or gender-affirming care …

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