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26-May-2020 17:55

” Abby and Scott have dismissed this and decided this is an incredible thing for both of them.“Although I did get this app in order to make connections with people by pushing myself outside my comfort zone,” says Scott.It would be much safer to find a pen pal through known connections, for example, a friend of a friend or relative. Much like dating web sites— these sites attract a lot of people who either misrepresent themselves or are con artists. If someone demands personal contact information off-site immediately, don’t provide it.(No contact is completely without risk; but this would be much less risky than going to an open pen pal forum). Be aware that if the photo you post of yourself is a duplicate of an image that you have posted elsewhere on the web… For example, if you use the same photo for your penpal account and Facebook, potential pen pals (even those you don’t contact directly) can find your Facebook page. Just use the Chrome browser, enter the URL , and drag and drop the photo into the search box…

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