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26-Sep-2020 03:27

Leaked documents showed that Andreas Kalbitz was one of "14 neo-Nazis" who took part in the march.

But the man attempting to become the populist Alternative for Germany's first state premier has denied extremist links.

We know white supremacist beauty standards exist, that anti-Black ideas about Black people of all (non)genders exist, but supposedly we can’t help whom we love, even though white supremacy has already been helping for ages.

If Yiannopoulos and John are “Blind For Love” like John’s jacket proclaims, then Yiannopoulos would have never sought Black men out in such disgustingly fetishistic ways in the first place.

In 1968, when he was 16, Mason planned to murder the principal and other staff members at his high school.

Instead, following the advice of William Luther Pierce, he quit school and began working at the American Nazi Party's headquarters in Virginia.

News magazine Der Spiegel published a leaked report by the German embassy in Athens naming him as one of "14 neo-Nazis" who arrived from Germany for the far-right rally.

Kalbitz released a statement saying he took part out of "curiosity." However, he denied being part of a delegation including members of Germany's neo-Nazi NPD party.

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A positive election result could see his influence on the party grow."Whoever surrounds themselves with neo-Nazis and marches with right-wing radicals abroad, tramples all over our democratic values," German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz of the center-left Social Democrats said on Twitter.