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The next thing Spartacus and Crixus hear is Agron stabbing the driver in the throat.

When they ask him what happened Nasir tells them he knew of Naevia and Agron says that she is dead.

He plans to use the games- with a mix of Lucretia's presence and Glaber's men being in the opening games- to turn the crowds away from Spartacus, who has been keeping Glaber's men busy in the east.

Glaber tries to tell them he can't pull his men from hunting the rebels, but Publius tells him his men are the ones with the seal of Rome on their armor, and that will do more for the crowds.

When Agron asks why, Spartacus points out that the half the rebels are Gauls and they only follow Crixus, and that it would be good to get his mind off of his loss.

Spartacus find Crixus alone, thinking back on Naevia.

Despite the pain, they are unable to get him to even make a noise.

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Spartacus tells him that you don't choose who you love, and that he doesn't want any more people to die without love, alone and enslaved.The episode starts out with a Roman cart transporting new slaves to work in the Mines.As they are traveling, the cart is stopped and attacked by Spartacus and his Rebels.Albinius tells his daughter to escort Publius to the wine while he has private words with Glaber.

Once they leave, Albinius tells Glaber that he is trying to keep him in the favor of the senate (who have no faith in him), and, if Glaber loses any more standing, he will see the favor sway to Publius (who has made friends and is respected by both senate and the people).

At the rebel base, Spartacus and Agron are making plans for their next location of attack. While Spartacus like how they are in striking distance of Pompeii, Agron also points out nearby Neapolis.

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