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11-Nov-2019 19:14

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TL; DR: MS really didn't think their account link/merge through - old alias password could still be used to auth.Same exact thing happened to me a few weeks ago, too (on 11/7).I'm having the errors about the "service being unavailable".Those assholes are not letting me remove my Skype alias or even change my main alias!EDIT: [Here's a screenshot] ( of my recent account activity on this Microsoft account.You can clearly see it was compromised nearly 3 weeks ago - the sign in attempts were all targeting my Skype username alias.Although I'm happy that Microsoft texted me today about suspicious activity, I wish they would have let me know over three weeks ago when the [sign-in attempts started] (!My skype account was compromised a few weeks back and had the baidu links spammed to my contacts. My MS account obviously had a strong password with 2fa, my Skype account had a fairly weak shared password.

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Someone was able to use my old Skype credentials to gain full access to my Microsoft/Live/Outlook account.

I find it a bit frustrating that, although I had good security practices in my Microsoft account (unique complex password that changed frequently), an attacker was able to use my old Skype login credentials to gain full access.

I'm reading reports online now that other users are seeing their accounts compromised via old Skype credentials even though they have 2FA enabled on their MS/Live account!

I've been having signins from China all month and Microsoft didn't think it in their best interest to notify me? I bet there are a lot of people who are not aware that their Skype login may be used to gain access to their Microsoft account.

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Hopefully this brings more attention to this issue and users are encouraged to disable their Skype alias so their intended account security (complex password, MFA, etc) is applied.

After the merge I still used my Skype alias to sign in but with my new MS password.