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24-Mar-2020 01:34

We consider ourselves highly qualified online dating experts.We see absolutely no reason for men and women to need to get a referral to find a partner.This site goes against everything we teach in our singles dating guide.GENERAL ASSESSMENT OF THE WOMEN We used a different technique on this site than the others because that’s what we were forced to do.How are they to know that you didn’t tell your friend what to say about you? The time we spent on My Single was one of those times.

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However, after 3 months without so much as a peep out of another member this has been a total waste of rather a large chunk of money.You should be man enough to speak confidently about yourself.And, not only that, how serious do you think women will take a referral from a friend?In the whole of my county within a vast age range, I have only had one person who 'fits my criteria' (according to MSF) and I think the criteria must be based on either geographic location or age but not much else. Read Full Review I was on the website for about a month now and I am very disappointed with the dating experience.

Perhaps it has got nothing to do with the website itself, or it might, I am not sure.On My Single, we had to pay for the miserable experience.

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