My dropbox is not updating

02-Jul-2020 11:41

Of course, the previous file would’ve been closed on PC ‘a’ before opening it on PC ‘b’.

I’ve even tried rejecting the offered file (C/Users/****/App Data/Roam…) when opening EPIM to get it to open the Data file on the Dropbox server itself by clicking ‘Cancel’ and then navigating to it by clicking File/Open From Dropbox option, but I still don’t get the updated file.

I’ve moved my Data to Dropbox using the Options/General/Dropbox menu on both machines and all seems well.

A quick scan in my Dropbox folder shows that a new ‘Apps’ folder has been created to hold my Essential PIM Databases and two additional files.

) On that ‘Sharing’ page, just view and accept your ‘New shared folder invitation’.But your recipient will never see any future file updates, and nothing they change will be reflected back to you.If your intention is to collaborate within a workgroup and this happens, it can obviously be a significant source of frustration.Great, but what’s the point in using this facility if it doesn’t upgrade the Data file to become available, updated, on my other PC?

Before this new utility was introduced I simply stored my Data file in my Dropbox folder, like any other file, and used it (updated) on my other PC. I’ve had a folder set shared across all my various Macs and IOS devices for ages, and I’ve had another folder shared with some colleagues for months – all working perfectly, with file updates from any of us turning up for everyone else. A few months ago, I started using Dropbox with a new group of people I’m working with, and to facilitate that process, we set up a new Dropbox folder and shared it around. ) Fast forward to today, when I was setting up Dropbox on a new computer under a new account here at my office, and I managed to accidentally create the same issue – the new account wasn’t seeing updates to a shared folder that a number of us are otherwise using fine (and have been for months). In the hope of saving others the same grief, I’ve written down, here, what I’ve learned today. The crux of the confusion is one, little, word: outcomes that it can deliver. The other offers a single snapshot copy of the original, with no future updates in either direction.

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