My boyfriend had an online dating profile

14-May-2020 11:55

I cannot admit to snooping in his computer to find evidence of this but now that I know (and on this particular site you can see that he is logging in almost daily) do you think it's just to get his jollies online or does it sound like I have to worry about him leaving or cheating.What's the best thing to do since I can't admit to the way I found out.I believe that once you know more about what you want from your relationship, it is important for you to talk to your boyfriend and clear the mystery of this situation.Open communication is essential for building a trusting and ultimately loving relationship.You need to be clear about that before you have the conversation.

Please read my other posts to get a good idea of my situation. I talked to him but gave excuses as to why I could not go. How could he do this after being with me for over 5 years, talking about marriage and children?

From your question, I can tell that you two were together in the past.

There was a period during which you two broke up, and now you are back together.

After another social event that I attended with girlfriends, I found that he had done the same thing again. —Barb A man who is openly defying his two-year girlfriend to stay active on Match. The shareholders would have every right to demand an ouster. I do hate to be the one to burst your bubble, Barb.

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This time I am not saying anything, but feel he is always looking for something better. My girlfriend who is on looked at his site for me (which is still posted) and said he had been on that day, just a few hours ago, which was while I was gone. A woman who has so little self-esteem that she puts up with such defiant behavior. But if the company knows and doesn’t fire him, whose fault is it that the behavior continues? And if I’m the CEO, I’m gonna keep on openly embezzling. But really, what do you think he’s DOING on Match each day?He wanted to remain friends however and continued to call and ask me to hang out. A month and a half ago we were looking at homes together, and now he has an online dating profile.