Mvc3 self validating models updating a tomtom one

08-May-2020 12:19

While this library does not provide the same functionality as Validation Groups, it provides a good way to consolidate validation logic for your MVC Models/View Models: This project is up-to-date with support for ASP.

NET MVC 5 so you can use it in your latest MVC projects.

We’re going to see how to use Swagger on top of Spring MVC, but remember Swagger is a specification and supports a wide range of frameworks.

The controller contains the basic CRUD operations, it uses the Spring MVC API: I made the controller as simple as possible, the point isn’t to have a perfect, bullet-proof controller, but rather to illustrate the use of Swagger.

The XML configuration is straightforward: We’ll see shortly how Swagger Spring MVC uses this 2 properties. Swagger Spring MVC scans the Spring MVC controllers on start-up and registers a documentation controller that exposes the operations the controllers allows.It provides also tools to generate/compute the documentation from application code. As an application developer, you write web services using your favorite framework, Swagger scans your code and exposes the documentation on some URL.