Muslim women dating non muslim women

31-Jul-2020 11:37

The young imam, a specialist in Islamic law, stated that even though it is has been internalized by the majority of believers and imams, "the prohibition" of such a marriage was based on a false interpretation of the Koran.For the leaders of the GFIC, this statement is "amazing".Celebrating their 40th anniversary at the Collège des Bernardins in Paris, they described the announcement, made on September 14, as "extraordinary", "fantastic", "a sign of hope … The older couples among them had only one regret: that the decision wasn't made sooner.

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In Tunisia, however, such laws were scrapped in September last year."I never imagined that marrying a non-Muslim could be so complicated," 40-year-old Zeineb, who is looking to marry her Italian fiance Sergio, told in her northern city of Hammamet.

But, for Muslim women, the pressure is increased a hundred times over because of the religious prohibition," Adel points out. The whole thing took about twenty minutes," Matthieu recalls.

Some of the men who fell in love with Muslim women agreed to go through what they call a "conversion of convenience". In order to have his marriage recognized in Tunisia, he complied with the local procedure: making an application and then being summoned - with a few other French men like himself - to appear before the Grand Mufti of the Al-Zaytuna Mosque in Tunis. "I treated it as a mere administrative procedure, but it really wasn't very pleasant." For him and others, the statement made on Saturday by Mohamed Bajrafil, the Imam of Ivry-sur-Seine, lifted a weight from their hearts.

"I've contacted many notaries and they've all refused to marry me because my partner is a non-Muslim.

Some of them said that conducting such a marriage was against their principles and their conviction," Zaineb explained.Sergio, a 68-year-old factory director, was baffled.

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