Musiq soulchild dating meelah

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To some, it may seem a little too soon for her to be his ex -given that they just had a baby the other day- but according to Ashley, their relationship had some turbulence, we’ll get to that in a minute. " — #satorimeansenlightenment #solarismeansofthesun #freebirth #UC #UP #ididit #familycenteredbirth #itwasjustusbih #praisethemosthigh #shesagirl #thechildrenwereright #unassistedpregnancy #unasistedchildbirth #cordburning #placentaeating #goddess Shit #imamazing #hesamazing #shannonisamazing #satoriisamazing #musiqsoulchild #mswrightsway #SHESEVERYTHING A post shared by Ashley "Tiyumba" Wright (@mswrightsway) on Musiq’s ex, Ashley, has become widely known on social media for her yoga fitness, nude photos, inspirational quotes, and pole fitness pics with her 4 year old daughter balanced upside down with her and such. I just had to get it done.” — (Cont in comments) A post shared by Ashley "Tiyumba" Wright (@mswrightsway) on By September, Ashley was brutally honest on Instagram, regarding her non-excitement about her and Musiq Soulchild’s the unborn baby. “I’m Not.” As I continued with giving honor and acknowledgement to Life as a blessing, I followed with, “This process and circumstance I’m in is less than exciting and that I have yet to shift to a celebratory, excited space.” However, as I currently focus on complete surrender, acceptance and gratitude for the lessons that are here now, that are being served to me with a main course of TRUTH, I am ever reminded of WHO I AM. Ashley is known for sharing much of her personal life on social media, but ever since her breakup announcement in April, she hasn’t posted one photo of Musiq since.Introducing: Satori Solaris — Born: Oct 30, 2017 Weight: 6 lbs 14 oz Height: 20 inches — Born right into papa's (@musiqsoulchild) hands. After becoming pregnant with Musiq’s baby though, there came a time when Ashley leaned on her many followers for inspiration instead. I scrolled social media and then I realized I hadn’t taken moments to breathe. For it was a year, I had met him, he woo’d me, we moved in together, we started a family (holds belly), and I would for the first time celebrate Mother’s Day with a companion by my side. — Then I was reminded how when I arrived home, my mother spoke for hours in disbelief on how I was able to do all of that alone. I don’t know how you moved all those bags pregnant and with Shannon.” I didn’t even look up at her, I responded, “I just had to figure it out. It seemed that her heartbreak never completely subsided since their breakup: mswrightsway: Someone asked me if I was excited? So in progression and preparation for this ceremony that we call Labor, in which I shall bring forth the God Seed that chose me, I am sitting in my Truth until it stops hurting. And it is here that I remember what it is to bare my soul as I call out to my ancestors, as I shed all that doesn’t serve me, as I KEEP SPACE for what does, as I look forward to continuing to be a badass Wombyn and Mother!! Musiq on the other hand, has never shared anything about Ashley online.

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I have a foundation now that I just established called P. That’s when they suggested we enter him into speech therapy.Tell us a little bit about what you have been up to since the group disbanded?Meelah Williams: 702’s last album was released in 2003 and since then I have just been staying under the radar doing appearances with other artists and co-writing. Now I see that I have a platform and I have a voice and now I can use it for more than just selfish gain … JET: Your son has also inspired you to also become very active in raising autism awareness. MW: He was diagnosed in October of last year with ASD (autism spectrum disorder).Welcome to Doctors’ Notes, our newest contribution from Urban Health correspondents and husband and wife physicians Dr. Please feel free to send them questions via [email protected]

The dynamic duo will be fielding questions about health, as it relates to African Americans.

I also just released a children’s album called We Are Different and it’s available on i Tunes and Amazon right now. He’s means everything to me and I’m so motivated and inspired by him. I realize that my purpose here on Earth is not about me. We’ve had him in different therapies since he was quite young, even before the autism diagnosis.

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