Most intimidating military uniforms

23-Sep-2019 21:03

Best modern combat uniform: Swedish M90 Best modern dress uniform: German Bundeswehr Best historical uniform: Hessian Jaeger Korps Worst modern combat uniform: Army ACU, no picture needed Worst modern dress uniform: North Koreans. Granted a lot of modern helmets are patterned off the stahlhelm, but I just can't make out any significant differences from the photo.Seriously just look at this stupid, garish bullshit. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk Batlskin Cobra P2 helmet.That was the headline on a Maclean’s cover in 1998—one of four cover stories that year stemming from a nine-month investigation into disturbing behaviour in the Canadian Forces.Now, 16 years later, reporters Noémi Mercier and Alec Castonguay talked to dozens of victims, attended court martials, culled statistics and documents under Access to Information, and visited bases across the country and Afghanistan.The cut and color is worse than the USAF dress uniform, and the giant hats and excessive bling just makes it all worse Worst historical uniform: Greek Evzones. It matches more closely to the Army ACH, being manufactured by Revision. Interesting as it doesn't use layered Kevlar, but a polyethylene core.

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The 51-year-old, from Sherbrooke, Que., spent half her life in the Canadian Forces.

Every time it happened, she had the same suffocating, primal terror.