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As a freshman, Van Wagenen began dating Molly Knight, a fellow student from Ohio (her stepfather was astronaut Neil Armstrong) and a champion diver.

Though captain of the Stanford women’s swimming and diving team from 1992 to 1995, she, too, had been injured and could no longer compete. “Molly and I have a special relationship,” says Van Wagenen.

“When a player manages to stand out on the field among all of the best players in the country, that’s special for all of us—scouts, team execs and agents,” he says.

“We get excited about what the potential might be for that person.” That’s one perk of the profession, but for Van Wagenen, there was another reason to pursue this career: Many of his friends were still playing professional ball.

The injury ended his college career and any dream of playing in the majors.

“After eighteen months of rehab, I realized I was a five-foot, ten-inch tall, marginal player who would be better off working in professional sports rather than playing them,” he says.

To wit: Jay-Z’s latest release contains a track entitled “Crown,” in which he brags about stealing Cano from another legendary sports agent.

Since cofounding the baseball division of CAA Sports (part of entertainment giant Creative Artists Agency) in 2006, the former Stanford University right-fielder has negotiated contracts and endorsements for his players in excess of billion.

Those deals include a contract extension for the Washington Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman, which guarantees the star third baseman 6 million over eight years.

His people skills are off the charts and he can be as convincing as he is genuine.” A. Hinch, the assistant general manager of the San Diego Padres, played on the U. But he was in the San Fernando Valley, far enough inland to be exempt from the surfer/skater culture. “In my town, it was the primary sport and it became my passion.

We had a good group of players and a number of my peers went on to successful baseball careers.” He attended Stanford University on a baseball scholarship and started out as a right fielder, but in his junior year, when he swung at a change-up thrown by USC pitcher Randy Flores, he dislocated his right shoulder.

Since IMG had a strategic relationship with CAA, he and a handful of fellow IMG agents left the company in 2006 to form CAA Sports Baseball. They had three young children—a girl and two boys—and needed a home and a yard.