Modern dating rules

05-Oct-2019 21:12

Otherwise, it means someone is jealous of someone else.

When men try to get your attention by dressing flashily or being flamboyant in their behavior, they’re peacocking. Swerving is simply avoiding someone who you have absolutely no romantic interest in.

Then you make money without the stress of looking for a boyfriend. If a man doesn’t meet your standards, then he’s fucking gone. If men are ghosting on you, then you better make sure that you aren’t ghosting on other guys.

So there you have it: modern dating advice, slang, and tips. And if a man tries to pull any of this shit I’ve taught you, laugh in his face and move on. If you don’t like when people fade out on you, then don’t fade out on other people.

Keep getting out there, keep pushing, have high standards for yourself, and have some fun while you’re meeting new people.

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There’s a woman, Amaku Ukpong, who gets paid an hour to snuggle with random dudes.

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