Mint not updating us bank

25-Sep-2019 07:09

It is a read-only service, so no one can authorize any transactions from its platform.

Furthermore, since Mint allows users to create custom alerts, it is arguably more secure as it could notify you of fraudulent activity sooner than your bank or credit card.

A budget in Mint is not one plan that includes all budget items.

Instead, each category is considered its own budget, and you can budget for as many categories as you need.

Each goal must be tied to one of your accounts, and you can only set one goal per account.

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The automatic categorization is accurate, for the most part, but you can easily edit transactions if you want to rename or recategorize them.

If you choose monthly budgets, you can check a box to have any unspent or overspent funds for the month rolled to the next month, a feature that can be useful when working with ​variable expenses.

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