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09-Dec-2019 12:08

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One star is overrated for this site, none would be too much. Usually, within a few days, they are either gone, or they have decided against paying. If you want better reviews, you need to figure out a better way to keep more of the fakes off your site.

Scammers are engineers who work for foreign million of $ project. Because the system you have now just isn't working. We have admins that are working 24/7 to fight these scammers.

If this problem won't solve I'm afraid that I can't recommend this site (Mingle2) to everone. It was bad enough that I got no luck on the website with real men, but for Mingle2 to allow this fake profile to go through the cracks was unacceptable.

I thought I was going on Mingle2 to find a suitable Man which I thought I did. The man I thought I found turned out to be a Ghanaian scammer who stole photos of an actual US Marine.

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So thank you for your kind words and we look forward to seeing you again.

Of course I am not stupid enough to give this info. Dear Bill , Thanks for leaving us such a wonderful review.

Our team will definitely be happy because you have found a woman that closest to your dream on our site.

Real people are leaving your site just about as fast as they join.

That it is the time that i realized that it is scammer. People do not want to sit and report 100 fakes or more before they can find someone to talk to that is real.

If you have other concern, feel free to contact anyone else on our support team at any time.