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Through this approach, everyone benefits: research scientists have the chance to develop new ways of curing disease; pharmaceutical companies get some return on their intellectual capital and lastly, poor countries get inexpensive or free drugs that help solve their health problems.In the context of “corporate citizenship” and internalizing CSR, it is essential that the management puts into place effective reporting instruments and systems that are easy for employees to use.These values programmes are not alternatives to the codes or compliance programmes, they exist side by side with codes and compliance programmes in many companies.A third approach is corporate initiatives that use core competencies of the company for better social welfare (instead of outsourcing the CSR programme to development programmes, trusts and foundations, etc).Companies can do this by setting up anonymous surveys, reporting lines, focus groups so that employee perceptions can be known. Taking this to another level, employees suggesting and formulating CSR policy, i.e., making it a participative process has also been shown to enhance positive identification with the company and better work attitudes.

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The first of these is using codes and regulations (that include contracts that employees may sign each year as members of the company or on behalf of the company).

These may be specialized compliance programmes in ethical production in industry or transparency in finance or alternatively, third-party codes such as ISO 26000 and the Global Compact.

If employees identify with the ethical goals of a company and its programmes, they are more willing to collaborate with CSR programmes.

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