Michael vartan who is he dating

12-Sep-2019 01:46

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When I think of Terence, I think about how every single word he says, anytime he speaks, is very calculating. There’s always a reason for why he’s saying whatever he’s saying. You don’t know if he’s dangerous, or what’s going on with him.

So, that’s definitely a lot more fun to play than the boyfriend next door. When I think of him, I think of someone who, 20 or 15 years ago, when he first started the Institute, was probably a lot less manipulative, flawed, strange and dark.

One of the things I always say when that’s brought up is that, if it was like Scientology, I didn’t do my homework because I didn’t do any research into that.

I didn’t really base Terence off of anyone specific.

Does Terence have anyone in his life that he can just be himself with, or is he somebody different to every person that he interacts with? Over the years, with fame and money, he probably lost his way, a little bit.

Even if you’re playing Hitler, you have to find some redeeming quality about the character that you’re playing.

Normally, I’m the one that has to defend it and say, “Hey, it’s not Scientology.” The main difference is that the Institute is not a religious organization.

Basically, I think Kyle is not Kyle without Terence, and Terence isn’t Terence without Kyle.

As flawed and twisted and interesting as that relationship is, it’s also very clear to me that it’s a very even relationship.

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