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Handsome, charming, and eloquent, and with a light beard of reddish-gray stubble, Hall will talk about death, both as a shadow in his own life and in the roles that have made him famous.Having played one of television’s most radical and remembered gay characters, he will talk about "leaning in" to his own "fluid" sexuality, and the vexed cultural politics around the roles available for openly gay and trans actors and straight actors playing gay and trans roles.We think we are meeting a man, who may or not be called Thom Pain, in a rented space that may be transitioning from one theatrical performance to another.It’s not clear where he has come from or where he is headed, if he exists outside this theatrical space.

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The actor lives nearby with his third wife, Morgan Macgregor, and their black long-haired dachshund Salamander.They are a sort of visual representation of what I understand to be the spiritual or emotional core of what he up to.”Hall also listens to a lot of Thelonious Monk before the show, “music I have loved all my life and always will. It is chaotic and unpredictable in its way and also follows its own rules, even if they are rules only Thelonious Monk knows about.” Hall’s name and not inconsiderable fan base guarantees healthy audiences for fans have a more pressing question: Will television’s best-known serial killer return, and if so when?“Every time I’m asked about this I say, ‘never say never,’” Hall said, smiling.Hall still feels Bowie’s presence, he said, like an electrical charge near his solar plexus.

Bowie asked Hall the question that comes to many people’s minds: “So, what is it with you and death?She had great friendships, a rich life and rich career and certainly didn’t withdraw from the world.”Acting was always Hall’s love though he never felt confident or safe admitting that to anyone, “or even fully to myself,” until he went to college.

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