Men in pantys web chat

18-Oct-2020 21:14

Now I never wear mens underwear any more for over 14 months now. Some women are turned off and some enjoy me wearing so Ladies let me know what you think about a man in panties?Thanks everyone for just reading and opinions and emails are greatly appreciated.So after trial and error with the size thing and trying to wear them with my boxers and briefs they were just damn uncomfortable.I was selling panties and thongs at a swap meet flea market so I decided to try my teen memories of wearing panties and found that I enjoyed the way they felt again.(Even got caught wearing a panty girdle.) Later began "borrowing my sister's panties and finally began to accumulate my own.

I also enjoy wearing panties when im at bookstores, theaters, or having bisex with men! what would make this hotter would be if all the men were wearing panties when they fucked me,and somebody video taped the whole thing then sent it to me two years later on my birthday.....I have jerked off in every way possible to panties, sniffing used ones, cumming in and on them, wearing them during sex with males and females, eating pussy thru them, giving guys handjobs and sucking cock thru them etc.