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25-Feb-2020 21:31

Now I have updates on automatically so it does this quite alot however this time it is stuck and now like I said I cant open Mcafee Livesafe at all.What should be the first thing I do to try and correct this problem?The Home Screen gives you all the information you need at a glance.And you're never more than one click away from it, which eliminates popup windows and makes for easy navigation.While only the support articles for the Windows 7 and 8.1 updates state that there is a conflict with Mc Afee software, the support articles from Mc Afee indicates that these issues are affecting Windows 10 as well.According to Mc Afee, these problems are caused by changes in the Windows Client Server Runtime Subsystem service, otherwise known as CRSS.exe, which introduced a deadlock with their software.If need be I will call Live Safe technial support again like I did last week, but I would much rather not and just solve this issue on my own. I have a Mc Afee server issuing updates, but when I request an update from the client interface and click ABOUT to see if the newest updated DAT is on the client, it still shows the old DAT file version.

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For automatic updates, I do have checked that it should notify me before installing, which has always worked. Also, the Security Report that counts blocked connections stopped working on June 13. It was determined that this was due to conflicts with antivirus software such as Sophos, Avast, AVG, and now Mc Afee.