Mazda updating

18-Jan-2020 12:47

— For customers who use Mazda Connect version , an update for your CMU system is available for download at your dealership.Please update your system before downloading the newest Gracenotes package.Your Mazda warranty covers any defect in material or workmanship in both parts and panels.What’s more, any Mazda Genuine Parts used in a Service will be covered by a full warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.Should your SD card become corrupted during the map update process, you will need the backup to restore your information.Download Mazda Toolbox for Windows Download Mazda Toolbox for OSX Mazda Toolbox How To Guide for Windows Mazda Toolbox How To Guide for OSX PLEASE NOTE: – The Mazda Toolbox is currently compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you do not have access to a PC, or you use a Mac computer or other unsupported platform, contact your dealer for more information. – Instructions may vary, depending on your system's version of software.You’ll also receive a survey – either in your pack or by email – asking about your purchase experience.Simply install the Mazda Toolbox application to your PC, create an account and insert your vehicle’s SD card into a compatible SDHC reader.

Access to the most current maps and traffic flow information will help your navigation system function more efficiently and accurately. The Mazda Toolbox is a utility designed to connect your navigation system with your computer.Note that these procedures are updates for the 2016 model year.Staying current with updates to system software, navigation maps, and the Gracenote media database will help keep your Mazda Connect system running smoothly, accurately and efficiently at all times.Within the first month of buying your new vehicle, a Mazda Australia representative will contact you directly to ensure your details are correct on our database.

You’ll then receive an information pack which will include your Mazda Roadside Assistance and Extended Warranty documentation where relevant.

Please note that Mazda Australia, as the vehicle distributor, cannot get involved with any contractual disputes.

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