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12-Jun-2020 19:16

Turns out Good, a hard-core Talk Talk fan, liberated the trophy from the CFOX basement after doing an interview there in the mid '90s.(To be fair, the station's program director at the time said he could have it.)If Good had his own industry awards on display, they'd take up a fair amount of wall space.With his greasy, unkempt hair, worn jeans, and thrift-store T-shirt, Good could easily be mistaken for one of the disenfranchised Downtown Eastsiders smoking crack five storeys down on Cordova.He feels an affinity for the wayward souls just scraping by in his neighbourhood, and living on the fringes of Skid Row has definitely had an impact on the tone of his new CD.Good has always suffered from anxiety, but after a painful divorce that anxiety became extreme, to the point where his doctor prescribed a high dosage of antidepressants.At the time neither Good nor his physician realized that the 36-year-old also suffers from bipolar disorder."It's my favourite Dead Kennedys song," he relates, "and lyrically I think it's one of Biafra's greatest."Matthew Good fans nationwide will soon be able to hear the artist's choice covers and newly minted originals, as he sets off on a 37-date tour from Victoria to the Maritimes and back.

A framed gold record adorns the wall nearby, but it's not for the Matthew Good Band's hit-packed Underdogs album of '97; it's actually for Talk Talk's The Colour of Spring.

I woke up in the hospital and they said I took in excess of 45 [pills].

Given the nature of that, I had to willfully commit myself to the psychiatric ward."Good's first self-produced CD, Hospital Music was written during his recovery.

Several songs feature just ace local skinbasher Pat Steward (Bryan Adams, the Odds) on drums and Good on everything else.

He wrote 12 of the 15 tracks himself, but did look for outside inspiration from the Dead Kennedys, whose "Moon Over Marin" gets a mellow make over.

Each of his three solo CDs, and all five MGB discs, have surpassed the 50,000-unit mark, signifying gold status in Canada.

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