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11-Jul-2020 20:06

Lol XDYou: um You: sweet You: have u ever taken pics of urseld ever in private You: like a mirror Stranger: Yes. You: so we are playing truth or dare still You: lol You: ur sweet Stranger: HAHA. XD HAHAHAYou: tell me how lics would it take me to get to ur center Stranger: OTL THE MENTAL IMAGES D: You: lol Stranger: What? Stranger: XDStranger: I wear thongs sometimes XDStranger: Sometimes, I wear boxers. :p Stranger: XDDYou: oh You: lol You: so are u tall short thin You: chubs You: lol Stranger: I'm... OTLStranger: And I'm not too thin, but I'm not too chubby either XDYou: sweet Stranger: What sweet XD lololol. XDYou: so tell me Stranger: You're so far from me :p You: wat do u prefer Stranger: What? XDYou: i do have a nice cock You: lol Stranger: When was your first time? XDYou: umm You: 15Stranger: O__________OStranger: Too young. O_OYou: by ex gf You: lol Stranger: But you enjoyed it. I can't breathe because of laughing too much XDYou: i make it fit inside ur tight little sweet pussy Stranger: XDDYou: i would just put it in u You: i wouldnt i mean Stranger: O_________O That would hurt. She asked me why I'm laughing so much XDStranger: I had to close my laptop. Stranger: O_________________________OYou: lol You: so would u like that Stranger: Until I'm what...? You: im gonna fuck u hard and deep You: then doggy style hard and deep baby You: cum for me baby cum Stranger: yeahh. :p Stranger: Lololololol XDYou: oh You: so are u a little wet Stranger: ... :)You: baby i do u want my big cock now Stranger: Shit yes.

XDStranger: XDDYou: around my cock and ur moistness too Stranger: Lol.

I'm so wet, babe ;)You: wow baby You: rub ur pussy fast then slow for me Stranger: :)Stranger: doing it XDYou: yes baby You: ur fingers most be so wet You: oh i want to lick them baby Stranger: they are XDYou: insert them deep in ur tight pussy for me ok You: tell me how does that feel Stranger: fucking good ;)You: oh i love that when u curse Stranger: you do? :)) XDYou: i love chatting with you and making you cum babe Stranger: XDDYou: so i want you to email me at [email protected] You: please Stranger: When?

Stranger: :)You: taken ur panties off nice and slow but first i would just lick ur pussy with them on You: and pull them aside Stranger: Lol. XDStranger: XDDYou: yes after You: i can u so hot You: a Stranger: After? I have to eat dinner :/You: then u would tell me You: ? XDYou: is it hurting you You: tell me Stranger: No. OTLStranger: XDYou: wow baby You: i hope u enjoyed me Stranger: XDYou: would u like to do this again with me Stranger: Maybe? You: so u have my email baby Stranger: XDYou: yes u made me cum too Stranger: That's nice to know, babe. so sudden HAHAYou: later send me email You: i know but it was so hot and fun Stranger: O___O okay. XDYou: or give me ur yahoo You: ill add u Stranger: O___O are you sure? OTL OTLStranger: XDDYou: while im deep inside ur pussy baby You: wats ur name baby Stranger: Abi :p that's my nick name.

Stranger: XDYou: wat ever ur gonna ask me You: lol Stranger: HAHAHA. OTL OTL XDDYou: and she told me not to move so her pussy can adjust to my size Stranger: Whoa. You: because i have a thick cock Stranger: OTL HAHA.

OTL OTLYou: and the head of me cock is big You: so she told me to not move because it hurt her Stranger: I think... -.-You: lol You: then she started to move slow You: in a rythem Stranger: I said stop ittttt. You: she wasnt a virgin too You: lol Stranger: O_______OStranger: You really won't fit inside me.