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As a compromise, he moved in with Flynn and Sally, who were quite happy to become his official foster parents in time.

At this point he decided that he wanted to be called “Ric” as opposed to Eric or Dalby as Eric was what his dad had called him, and Dalby was just too impersonal for someone trying to make friends for once.

Kim however came to Henry’s rescue by giving him a little shove. Whilst at the concert, Dalby and Wazza again mocked Henry.

This time it was Josie that came to the rescue, give him a sharp tug on the ear.

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Unfortunately just after the Pageant, Joy tragically collapsed of a heart attack and was pronounced brain dead in hospital.

Henry, as an act of preservation, tried hanging around with Dalby and his crew but Dalby wasn’t willing to be friends and burnt down the Surf Club Kiosk, letting Henry take the blame and even letting him get a criminal record.

Then Robbie and Tash thought it would be a good idea to leave a map to a marijuana crop (which Tasha had found) into Dalby’s locker so that he would get in trouble except that he got in too much trouble, and recieved a severe beating from his abusive father, the wounds of which he could no longer hide.

Eric Dalby (2004-2008) Mark Furze Episodes: 3818–4689Parents: Owen & Maggie Dalby (both deceased) Foster Parents: Flynn Saunders (deceased) & Sally Fletcher Foster Siblings: Pippa Saunders & Cassie Turner Occupation: Student; Cleaner; Mechanic Dalby, as he liked to be known then, arrived at Summer Bay High having been excluded from Yabbie Creek and it didn’t take long for him to start pushing his weight around their either.

Hearing that Henry was going to be dancing at the Noah Memorial Concert, Dalby was soon making fun of him, together with his mate Wazza.He even stole drugs from Callan’s car in order to prove Callan was bad news but Colleen saw him with them, and told Sally and Flynn about it, just as DOCS were there.

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