Man dating friends friends

15-Jun-2020 01:17

You better not ask her though, or you may find out. Over the past months a few girls have expressed interest in wanting to go out with me.Obviously not everyone is prone to being clingy, but my ex-boyfriend stopped seeing his friends as much over the course of us dating.He would want to spend all his weekends with me which is nice at first, but it would then cause problems if I wanted to see friends on a weekend.I've been reluctant to ask them out because I don't have a real social circle.I mean I can hold a conversation, take care of my health and appearance and have plenty of hobbies and interests.That'd probably be enough to satisfy me as far as having friends. If a guy had no friends at all, I'd be quite concerned.If it were because he had just moved or something, it'd be ok, but having absolutely no friends would be a big red flag. I've done this in the past and I'll be DAMNED if I do it again.

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He wasn't anti-social, just not pro-social and that was fine.

All that said, it's not a reason why you shouldn't ask women out. My brother is my best friend, and a lot of people find that weird.