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Police have released an extraordinary image of officers recreating the student's final moments before throwing herself from the plane after taking statements from Ms Johnson and the pilot.Detectives have also revealed that the student had suffered five 'paranoia attacks' while on the 'failed' research trip to see rare Madagascan crustaceans, which she had paid for herself.Teams are searching for her body but there are fears that it may not be found because she jumped into remote area of the Madagascan jungle filled with carnivorous wild animals.Alana's family say they 'are heartbroken at the loss of our wonderful, beautiful daughter, who lit up every room she walked in to'. I just spent the last two weeks on a trip-of-a-lifetime to Madagascar, and the day I left I was too tied up with packing and taking a midterm to post even the briefest away message.The past 24 hours were spent flying across three continents (Antananarivo-Paris-New York-Boston) and catching a horrible flu bug which I hope goes away in a couple of days.Police chief Sinola Nomenjahary say they have pieced together what happened in the minutes before Alana died.He said: 'The Cessna C168 aircraft was taking off from Anjajavy with three people aboard, including Ms Johnson, Alana and the pilot.'After 10 minutes of flight, Alana undid her seatbelt and unlocked the right door of the plane and tried to get out.' Ms Johnson fought for five minutes trying to hold her, but when she was exhausted and out of breath she let go.'Alana then intentionally fell from an aircraft at 1130 meters above sea level.'She dropped into a zone which is full of with carnivorous Fossa felines.' Alana was travelling back from a research trip to a remote lodge in Anjajavy where she studied a rare species of crabs.

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Ny fampiarahan'ny Fap isaky ny rindrambaiko dia azo alaina maimaim-poana izay ahafahanao mankafy ny traikefa amin'ny webcam miaraka amin'ny hafa.Their most recent report claims that the family considered the situation an 'emergency' and rented a small plane to take her from the north of the island to Madagascar's Ivato Antananarivo international airport where she would have flown to Paris and then on to London.