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Of the 43 carbines recorded between 0, 27 have the A, 1 has the P, and 15 have no letter after the numbers.The meaning of this A is not known but of the 27 that have the A, 18 of these are known to have been sold to a law enforcement agency. Plainfield introduced their 22 PMC models as the Plainfield Machine .30 caliber carbines progressed through the H series.

Serial numbers were hand stamped one digit at a time and are often not aligned with one another horizontally and/or vertically. Serial numbers started with the Millville Ordnance and H&S carbines were continued into the Plainfield carbines and consisted of a letter followed by three numbers.

I am interested in seeing more photos of the OP's carbine. The Ordnance dept did have the free barrel program to ensure that there were enough barrels to support all the prime contractors. There were many spring tube carbines found in that serial number range.. For example, the Carbine Club Newsletter #348 from 1 March 2008 reports this: "Most Inland barrels are dated.....

Still, all the references I have indicate that inland made their own barrels and that they were dated. Wayne Did I miss the serial #, or do we just not have it yet? Twelve data sheets reported no date on the barrels.

Wayne Craig Riesch in his book states that in regards to carbine barrels "NOTE: The logo types shown above are also found without dates and the Ordnance Department Flaming Bomb symbol except Underwood and Springfield Armory barrels, which were always dated." I have never personally seen an undated Inland barrel but according to Craig Riesch they do exist.

vintage, Inland carbine with an undated barrel." I have seen numerous examples of Inland carbines with undated barrels manufactured in 1943, 1944, and 1945.

Serial numbers were consistently at the front of the left side of the receiver above the stock line.

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