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I'm more disapionted in Late Feb a I need a new PC for early Feb....

Very interesting design, looking to replace my current netbook which lacks the grunt to decode 1080p files.

Hence, a large section of people are working in many social sites as freelancers, typists, translators, creative writers and bloggers.

These people are able to earn handful of money and thus they can dole their life easily with print fulfillment.

Constant target, in office issues and internal politics are the some issues that are neck grapping.

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The real shame with these devices is that corporate users need an Ethernet port to image them (PXE isn't possible over wireless) so no Ethernet port makes things hard.It is always advised that keeping a offline job in hand is best and fine for all instead of depending more online work.Online work must be placed on second hand instead of main one.This is because there will be apparent and comprehensive rules and regulations are present in this world to govern these offline firms always and none can disappear.

Hence comparatively job security is more in offline tasks than in online community and the work pressure is reverse.

10 hours docked battery life and 6 hours undocked pretty much destroys the competition. Definitely getting this if it's around 00 for the high end. v=4FASyy5w Yog as stated by the rep from the lenovo booth in CES the lenovo helix will be available in Q1 2013 (most sites state late feb) WORLDWIDE, which means australia will be getting it very soon. Transformer Book Release I'd much prefer ASUS make sure this new design is tested and is reliable / working properly before releasing it.

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