Losing interest in dating dos and don39ts of dating profiles

13-Jul-2020 05:24

[Read: How to make your guy realize he’s losing you – 13 hints that work] But if you don’t care enough to take the time to cook them their favorite meal, surprise them with new lingerie, or get them some new shirts, these are all signs of you no longer being as into the relationship as you once were.

When you really like someone and want to be with them, you want them to know that—all the time, anytime.

When you’ve reached this point, it’s important to ask yourself if you are still into your relationship, or if you’re losing interest.

If you find yourself scrolling through your Rolodex, looking for those guys that used to wait in the wings, and text them to see what they are up to.

[Read: 22 big, early warning signs of a bad boyfriend] Although losing interest in your relationship doesn’t always spell doom, it should give you pause and make you question if your current relationship is really what you want.

It is up to you to decide if you want to revive it…

Relationships can be filled with all your attention, or they make you feel exhausted and bored, leading you to focus your attention on other things.

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If you are uncertain if you’re still into him, these eight signs show if you are losing interest in your boyfriend.

[Read: How to save your relationship: 16 practical ways to make it] #4 You never want to do anything.

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