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If they are moving to a distant location, it may be cheaper and simpler to sell their household goods than it is to pay the cost of shipping. There are various ways to liquidate – estate sales, auctions, garage sales, consignments, and dealers. In order to answer that question, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each and evaluating your situation is crucial.

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The liquidation sale is usually a 2 or 3 day affair, with prices set the first day and negotiable on the last day.

Things that we may need one day, stuff we are going to repair when we get around to it, items we never use, but are too good to throw away. The quickest and simplest way to liquidate an estate is to contact a used furniture dealer, antique dealer or other independent dealer and simply sell everything to them.

The two of you agree on a price, you get the money, he gets the furniture. Now, the disadvantage: As you know from the formula: Fastest Easiest = Least Money. The dealer does a mental appraisal of the lot with an eye toward costs for storing and advertising.

If you have a liquidation sale, the liquidators have arranged the house to its best advantage.

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