Libras and dating

20-Apr-2020 22:22

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Libra men are captivated by beauty, culture, art, luxury and pleasant socialization skills.

They are also naturally attracted to optimistic attitudes and cheery dispositions. Libra men are attracted to women who are well-dressed. Do not expose too much cleavage or leg to appear overly sexual.

Libra men in general tend to choose their partners instead of the other way around.

Astrologers warn that in all things, including love relationships, Libras seek balance.

If you have small children, invite him over when they are sleeping.

Allow him to express his interests whether they are automotives, art, music or the latest news trends.

Some Libras are obsessed with how you make them look, and reject all but the impossible idea of perfection.

They also impose this on themselves and may suffer from very high standards, always trying to achieve something that cannot be achieved in real life.

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If you have met a Libra man that you want to date, however, there are some basics to keep in mind.

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