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15-Nov-2020 11:54

Distilled gin is generally higher quality than compound gin.

London dry gin is the most widely consumed type of distilled gin.

Pomegranate juice mixed with sugar and heated until the sugar dissolved created the syrup.

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While it may contain other flavorings and additives including herbs and spices, distilling guidelines prohibit the inclusion of sweeteners or colorings to the mixture.

Besides the simple and refreshing Sea Breeze, grenadine and gin mixed with other ingredients creates appetizing and attractive cocktails.

You can create these drinks in minutes with simple fruits and juices.

The first time grenadine and gin were mixed together may have been a fluke, an idea born out of a scantily stocked liquor cabinet.

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However, since the sweetness of the grenadine nicely cuts the bite of the gin, the pairing, now called a Sea Breeze, spawned a variety of cocktail concoctions with additional flavorings, some of which emerged as national and international favorites.

Combine all of the following ingredients in a shaker, half-filled with ice cubes and shake well: Strain the concoction into a glass and enjoy.