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The discussions, which involved a potential sale to Bank of American and Barclays, failed (vetoed by the Bank of England and the U. Financial Services Authority), and efforts by potential acquirers to secure federal intervention were unsuccessful. The repercussions were felt globally; the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 500 points on the day Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy.Lehman Brothers assets, real estate holdings, and operations were quickly sold off to repay investors.Its operations shifted to New York in 1858 when the city became home to cotton and other commodity trading.Over the next century and a half the company underwent numerous changes and engaged in several alliances and partnerships While the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers did not cause the Great Recession or even the subprime mortgage crisis, its downfall triggered a massive selloff in the global markets.Within a month, Japanese bank Nomura bought the firms operations in the Asia-Pacific region (Japan, Hong Kong, Australia), and also its investment banking and equities trading businesses in the Middle East and Europe.Barclays purchased its North American investment banking and trading operations, as well as its New York headquarters.Over much of 2008 the firm fought off losses by issuing stock, selling assets and reducing cost (issuing debt under such conditions became difficult to impossible).It had on its books huge tranches of subprime and low-rated mortgage loans that it either could not sell or chose not to sell.

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It remains unclear how much money will be available to those customers.

With no loans being made and the world's largest financial institutions under significant threat of failure, the global financial system was under threat of collapse. 12, 2008 to discuss an emergency liquidation of Lehman Brothers in an attempt to stabilize the markets.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and several large investment U. The goal was to avoid a costly government bailout, such as the billion loan the government made to Bear Stearns in March 2008.

At the time of its bankruptcy filing, Lehman Brothers held some 0 billion in assets diversified globally.

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It had invested heavily in mortgage origination in the U. form 1996-2006, in large part by utilizing leverage (at its peak at a ratio of about 30:1).

When these loans became illiquid, and the firm had no ability to pay back its creditors, Lehman Brothers experienced a credit crunch; it could no longer cheaply raise cash via debt issuance, and issuing stock under such conditions led to both dilution of shares and negative sentiment, which caused its share price to fall.