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“We just celebrated our fourth unlawfully wedding anniversary,” Nikki said of the couple who were legally married at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on August 1, 2013.“It’s amazing to see how far our country has come, but we still need to fight for marriage equality in all 50 States.”There have been a lot of changes in their lives since they shared their story, including a move from West Hollywood to the Valley.This was just the start of a few turbulent years that saw Billie diagnosed with depression.But she’s back with a new album, a new label and being unapologetically Billie…Together they continue to host girl parties like Juicy at Rage in West Hollywood and head up an e-commerce line called Cloth & Justice.Some other changes for the couple include Whitney’s cutting off her trademark dreads for a much shorter look and Sada switching out that “R” in her name (Sara) for a “D.”Follow them: @whitneymixterla, @saratrlw Although Nikki and Jill were married on the show’s first season, California had not yet legalized same-sex marriage.But if you’re out and about around the city, don’t miss the opportunities to meet single girls, hot girls and the Natalie Portman lookalike girls that might be around the place. I’ll save you the eye-rolling because let’s face it – we’ve seen that all before. But what I do want to do is share in the excitement of what creating this blog means for us and personally, for me…

She was informed that Universal Records had dropped her.

(Gotta love Showtime.)We checked in with the show participants to see how life has changed for them since the show, and what they think about the experience when they look back on it now.

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