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03-Oct-2019 22:56

According to a paper entitled "Mixed Marriages and Nation Building Process: Sri Lanka and Malaysia," which was written by a Colombo-based lawyer who is currently conducting research in the area of interracial relationships (Gender Equality Incorporated n.d.), According to the recorded history, intermarriages have existed in Sri Lanka since its early origins.

After the arrival of Vijaya, Sinhalese men from the Govi caste [a caste dedicated to agricultural occupations] married Veddah women and even gave their daughters to the Veddahs.

This even comes down to what we find attractive — or what society tells us is attractive — and how we relate this to our dating lives.“That’s why we have things like anti-Black racism… Even in the Black community, people will be anti-Black,” she said.

Countless reports have touched on a race hierarchy when it comes to dating.

This is often the conversation people have when they talk about race, experts added.“‘I would never date a Black person’ is very different from saying, ‘I have never dated a Black person,'” Roderique said.

However, please refer to the excerpted attachment from the September 2001 Human Rights Watch publication, Caste Discrimination: A Global Concern, for relevant information.“Some people walk through life with very rigid beliefs and biases and look for cues and signs that only confirm these beliefs/biases and discard information that would contradict them.

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