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10-Aug-2020 13:19

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So they often seek an Arab, European or American guy to care for them in exchange for sex.

There are some Ethiopian prostitutes, but I have no idea where people find them.

Pros of Ethiopian girls: They are very kind, you can trust them, usually only have one guy don’t sleep around (much), very beautiful REDONKULOUS body!!

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In a similar situation as Filipinas in that they are here due to impoverished conditions in their own country, they come to Kuwait and struggle.Its almost like the cops are paid to ignore these sex workers that violate the Kuwait civil laws in public..There is a little anger about the Chinese prostitutes.After being here two years, I have seen people of all races and nationalities do ALL of that and more.

As in all cultures, its the people that determine what civil laws are kept and which laws are civilly disobeyed. “If this place is like Saudi, why are so many young Kuwaiti girls staring and staring..” Then I found out that many (non-Arab guys) have dated Kuwaiti girls, but very discretely. But there are many acts of civil disobedience going on. I have been told numerous stories about Americans and other nationalities being chased, beaten or threatened for interacting with Arab/Kuwaiti women.

Many ‘bad Filipinas’ have at least one guy (bf, husband, fiance) back in the Philippines, and two guys that don’t know about each other in Kuwait or abroad.

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