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When we settled on a load it fired six consecutive 3-shot groups under .5 MOA! With Berger Varmints it will shoot a little over 1/4"! I was just helping a friend do some workups for his 6.5 Swede Tikka T3. I have never handloaded for a Sako/Tikka that wouldn't easily spit out sub MOA groups after the most basic handload tuning. You can go buy Winchester off the shelf and get 1/2" groups! They may not appeal to the traditionalist, but represent one heck of a value.

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Back in the 80's, my wife bought me a new Sako Finnbear Deluxe in .300 Win. I worked up loads for it and used it on several hunts out West. Hornady, it runs 3000 fps on the chrono and shoots .5 inch 3 shot groups @100 yds.

I bought a Tika 270 two years back and it shoots honest-to-god 1/2 MOA groups. Mine is a 300 wsm, walked out of gander mountain with the gun anda lupold scope for 0.