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During three separate attacks on quarry workers and on a bus in Mandera county and in another attack on Garissa University, Al-Shabaab fighters singled out and killed those who could not recite an Islamic creed.Following alleged Al-Shabaab attacks in Lamu and Tana River counties in June and July 2014, security officers from multiple agencies raided communities, beating, harassing and extorting money from residents.

There has not been any progress on investigations by Kenyan authorities into the late 2014 disappearance and death of Meshack Yebei, who was claimed as a witness by Ruto’s defense team.

Throughout the year, human rights activists and civil society groups reported harassment and threats for their work on justice and accountability.

Suspected Al-Shabaab fighters targeted and killed at least 226 unarmed people between November 2014 and July 2015, along the coast and in the northeast.

The government is struggling to achieve monetary and fiscal discipline in order to ensure economic growth and redistribution of wealth.

Kenya’s human rights environment faced serious challenges in 2015 as the security crisis escalated.HDI is used to measure the impact of the economic policies on the quality of life of its people.