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” than Eskimos have for “snow”; a dour, patriarchal warrior culture that killed everyone that had designs on enslaving them.As a result, my culture has no commonly-held concept of being enslaved.Every one of which, by the way ,translates to “freedom”, “justice” and “being accorded the dignity of being treated as an autonomous individual rather than a member of a group” – all of which are supposed to be values near and dear to our Republic and Western Civilization itself, and all of them .And when some mindless Social Justice Warrior jabbers about “smashing white/male privilege”, the proper response is “so – you want to smash freedom, justice and individual dignity? Discussion of all other privileges – academic, social, class – were drowned out. But with the complete subsumation of the left by identity politics, it’s time to return the favor Peggy Mc Intosh did us; it’s time to define Urban Progressive Privilege.Mayor Melvin Carter announced on his Facebook page Wednesday that he would be scrapping the annual fireworks display, stating he believes there are better uses for tax dollars. I’m a patriotic American who believes in the ideals of the state that was founded in 1776; a celebration by a government that eschews those ideals, in favor of (at best) those of the Swedish or Danish (or Venezuelan) social welfare states is an appropriation of my culture. In his post he writes, “As I’ve considered the budgetary priorities we manage across our city in the first year of my administration, I’ve decided I can’t in good conscience support spending tax dollars on a fireworks display in Saint Paul this year.”dumber uses for any money saved. Unpacking The Invisible NPR Tote Bag: I’m going to borrow Mc Intosh’s format – which I suspect was actually tacitly borrowed from Jeff Foxworthy – of the simple list of attributes of Urban Progressive Privilege.

On behalf of all my cultural cousins, I am sorry for those of you who are descended from matriarchal hunter gatherer societies that couldn’t effectively resist the slave merchants, but I can’t change history any more than you can.

As we in Human studies work to reveal Urban Progressive Privilege and ask urban progressives to become aware of their power, so one who writes about having Urban Progressive Privilege must ask, “having described it, what will I do to lessen or end it?

” So – when assessing Urban Progressive Privilege, can you say any of the following?

It was a little after that that I first encountered the academic paper in which the term “white privilege” was coined, by Peggy Mc Intosh.

It supplied fifty definitions of white (also male) privilege.Terms, Terms, Everywhere Are Terms: White privilege exists, of course.