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We're always on the same page and communicate so well." "Now, I’m sure that Zahra actually sent me an Icebreaker first but she begs to differ.I know I did send her a message first to say how much I liked her family values and enjoyed her zest for life.I can honestly say it was the best first date that I have ever been on.We laughed so much and joked about how we had both organised to have our friends at the phones ready to call us with an ‘emergency’ in case we needed to get out of there!

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Whichever option suits you best, a movie date is a great way to break the ice and ensure you and your date have a lot to talk about. If you and your match have a mutual love for wine and vineyards you should take a short drive to Swan Valley.

This series is designed to present interesting facts, tips and personal stories about relationships and today’s dating world.

Laura Bilotta is a leading prominent dating coach and matchmaker with an earned reputation in North America.

If you're still stuck on where to go here are a few ideas: Beach date – Western Australia is home to some of the most beautiful and whitest beaches in the world.

Cottlesloe is one of Perth's most iconic beaches and if you pack a picnic, is the ideal location for your first date as Alice & Andrew discovered.Who knows, your mutual passion for food may inspire you to taste test a few well known places in the sunny capital.

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