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09-Jul-2020 10:39

Looking forward to dinner, I was welcomed by Shouster. Everyone else was dressed in white; I was dressed in black.

Spot the undercover BBC investigator…People were friendly, touchy-feely, shaking hands and cuddling each other. I fended him off by telling him that it was an electronic device delivering the chemotherapy drug. Throughout the evening, I was introduced to people who told me how their lives had been changed by Kabbalah, the water and the Zohar.

They operated from a £3.65 million property off Bond Street in central London, and names such as Madonna and Britney Spears were mentioned as supporters.

Some people said the centre helped people to understand ancient Jewish mysticism, but others who had been inside it called it a cult. The water is very, very good because it affects the cells, it cleanses the cells." She arranged a meeting that day for me with Chagai Shouster, a senior figure in the centre.

I counted out the cash, then Shouster counted it out again.

Having paid £860, I was next offered a trip to celebrate a Kabbalah religious festival in Israel.

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I'm not Jewish, but his unprovoked rantings about Hitler's victims left me questioning his sanity.After picking up my secret camera, I headed off to the London Kabbalah Centre. He told me he lived there and explained that his possessions would fit into one suitcase.On hearing of my cancer and that money was no problem, Miriam at reception filled me in: "We have the Kabbalah water, that has very strong healing powers." Would it help my cells? "We have one girl, who works here, her mother used to have cancer and she doesn't have it any more… He didn't have money to buy clothes, but received gifts.No matter that they were written in Aramaic and, to me, indecipherable, I was told that I only had to run my fingers over the pages and scan the words for the "tools" to start working. "She wants to understand how to control her mood better, how to be more happy.

Their tools, however, weren't cheap - the bill was £860, including dinner that night. How to be more tolerant with her husband and to maintain the relationship." That evening, I was back at the centre, complete with hidden camera.But, while nowhere near my original fitness, I was desperate for something exciting, anything, to break me out of the boredom of convalescence.

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